Limbic Reflexology

Are you suffering from chronic pain, depression, anxiety disorders, chronic stress or post-traumatic stress, mood or addictive disorders?

You don't have to any more!

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Limbic Reflexology

Limbic Brain Reflexology is at the forefront of reflexology with breakthrough techniques to relieve the pain that people suffer. You know, the pain that doctors cannot cure but just feed you with pain killers instead? And Limbic Reflexology is only done on the big toes! Limbic Reflexology can get to the source of chronic phantom pains in the body such as fibromyalgia, IBS, diverticulitis and headaches/migraines which exist for either known or unknown reasons.

With exposure to early life and severe stresses, continuous stimulation of certain glands in the body can become permanently hyperactive and therefore you can become hypersensitive to situations and therefore easily stressed when in comparison with other people.

Limbic Reflexology is a breakthrough therapy in helping people with chronic pain, depression, anxiety disorders, chronic stress and post-traumatic stress, mood disorders, addictive disorders (e.g. food or drink) and OCD, poor concentration and poor memory issues and can help stroke Victims too. The list is endless.

If you know someone who suffers from any of the above, please get in contact for an appointment. A block of 6 sessions are recommended for a significant improvement.

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