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Testimonials about Red Healing Reflexology in Edinburgh

Limbic Reflexology Testimonials

PTSD and Anxiety

"I have just finished a course of Limbic reflexology with Donna Ross (of Red Healing Reflexology). The sessions ran for 8 weeks, with one treatment per week. My case involved PTSD as well as other anxiety conditions. From the start the treatments were focused and expertly given, with attention seemingly nuanced to each aspect of what I thought was a irreconcilable condition. What I have discovered as the sessions proceeded is that most of the more intense emotions have not only drained, but the perpetual cycle of recollection and repeat has also disappeared. What was a repeating loop of anger, trauma and unresolvable issues has become redundant, and for the first time in 5 years I am experiencing peace. I am no longer even thinking about any aspect of the 'events' and even if a stray thought appears, I see it with distance, a kind of detached objectivity. It has truly been a surprise that in such a short space of time, years of suffering have abated. Remarkable and extraordinary. I cannot recommend Donna Ross enough." David, Edinburgh


"A brief history, around 10 years ago I started to work in a very stressful environment with a long commute and little support. This resulted in being treated for a heart attack. Many difficulties came from this and the result was more stress, namely, loss of employment and issues with my previous employer. Not only did this result in anxiety but also in the arrival for major headaches, these would sometimes last many days.

I have now suffered with headaches for around 5 years and tried many things, some with some success and others not so successful. First I tried taking headache tablets and tried to relax. This didn’t improve things so a visit to my local GP was the next thing. I explained to my GP that I had severe headaches and what could he do. I was diagnosed with migraine and given pain killers, told if these don’t work he has some more that are more powerful. I was unhappy taking these and they didn’t help anyway. On a couple of occasions I turned up at A&E but was just referred back to my GP. My GP then prescribed beta blockers (Propranalol) at a low dose and these seemed to have little effect but the headaches still arrived.

The triggers for the headaches were stress and my exposure to cold and damp. I did some research and found that one major cause of headaches was bruxism (grinding of teeth). I got a mouth guard to wear at night and this seemed to help somewhat but I still got the headaches. Another cause of headaches was related to the cold and this was to do with my sinuses, I never knew sinuses could cause a headache. I learnt a sinus massage and this seemed to help relieve some of my headaches. I also went to my GP to discuss my sinuses and he referred me to an ENT specialist. The specialist scanned my sinuses and said there was no problem with them it was probably over sensitive nerve endings. He prescribed Norotriptyline as a solution. However, even with all these treatments, the headaches still came back and I spent many a fine day at home pinned to my bed unable to function.

I was contacted by Donna who learned about my condition and was keen to heal my headaches. She researched my condition and spent many hours of reflexology on me to finally offer me relief without taking any medication. I was so pleased that this could be possible and especially without the use of drugs. I was very impressed with this treatment and for the first time I found someone who was looking for a permanent cure.

My headaches were much less severe and less frequent too, I also knew I could get relief with reflexology so this took away some of my desperation too.

The final breakthrough was when Donna performed Limbic Reflexology on me. Using this technique she was able to stop my headache and until this date it’s been 2 months and counting since I’ve had a headache which is amazing since I used to get them weekly. I have had my usual triggers of stress and coldness but these have not developed into full blown headaches as previously. If anything, a slight headache might have started but have subsided without any treatment, no tablets or of further need of reflexology. I am really pleased that my Limbic treatments were so successful and still very surprised at their lasting effect. To me it feels like a miracle. Thanks to Donna and all her dedication and time and energy. A very positive journey with a great outcome." RE

Depression and Anxiety

"I've been feeling depressed and anxious for years. Many would say hyper too. I'm constantly on the go and I feel I have to be an actress performing through what is called 'my life'. I have not been able to get along with my son and daughter-in-law for a long time. Since they've had their new born baby, the relationship has worsened. I seem to say the wrong things and just end up putting their backs up. After Limbic Reflexology, I feel calmer and more together. I can now report that I say the right things at the right time - This was previously unheard of. I'm so happy to say that the relationship with my son and daughter-in-law have improved one hundred fold. I'm so pleased that my family can now be united. Donna has performed the impossible with Limbic Reflexology. She's enabled me to get back to my true self. I like being me again." LB

General Reflexology Testimonials

"Flamenco guitar demands a lot of strength and dexterity in the hands. This produces some stiffness and pain, reducing the ability of the player to perform. After my first session of reflexology I noticed an immediate effect on my playing. Allowing me to perform at my best. I've had several sessions since and I'll be returning for more soon." AM

"I have Diverticulitis and IBS. Since having reflexology sessions with Donna, I have had no diverticulitis attacks and the symptoms of IBS have reduced dramatically from every day to once in 4 months. I have faith in her and in reflexology to heal me. Donna is an amazing reflexologist" EB

"I had a tense, tight left shoulder which was leading to lots of discomfort in my daily life as a barista, and also in trying to get good sleeps at home. Donna has helped with just a few sessions on my feet. It turns out that my digestion was the main cause of my shoulder pains, and it has eased tremendously with help from her knowledge on how to ease each part of the body by massaging hands and feet. I am glad I did try reflexology as it really feels like a weight has been lifted off my back!" DC

Success stories

Andy (in his 40s) says that after regular weekly sessions of reflexology, his eyesight has improved so much that he doesn’t have to wear his glasses as regularly for reading among other things such as driving too. It sorts out his sinuses and reduces any back, neck and shoulder pain. He has found flexibility that he hasn’t had since he was a teenager.

Rob (49) is a gardener. He frequently has pains in his fingers and hands from working outside. Hand reflexology removes the pain, relaxes his hands and returns more dexterity than he thought he even had. He enjoys doing pain free gardening. He has suffered from bad sinuses and 3 or 4 day long migraines. Sometimes Rob has been in bed for weeks with migraines without relief. Rob is please to relate that reflexology reduces the sinus trouble and reduces any migraines from progressing further, to a manageable headache, to a full return to health the following day. This is unheard of for Rob because he has tried all types of medication and painkillers without any relief.

A client (65) says that nothing relaxes him like reflexology can. He feels elated after and finds life easier to manage. He looks forward to it every week.

A client (70+) feels so relaxed and blissful after reflexology. His previous stiff neck had a rotation of only 45 degrees. Through reflexology, he now has a rotation of up to 160 degrees. He feels happy that he will be able to drive again. He feels secure that he is now able to look right and left for cars before crossing the street.

A client (90+) feels light and floaty after reflexology. She feels very happy and content. She values the effects of reflexology on her and feels her body really flourishes after it.

A client (80+) suffers from acute stages of dementia. He feels calmer after reflexology. Reflexology has helped him so that he no longer needs to take psychiatric drugs to control his mood swings.

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