Post Natal Reflexology

Reflexology is suitable for babies and children

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Post Natal Reflexology

Giving birth is a joyous time but there can also be exhaustion, soreness and mixed emotions from sleepless nights, nappy changes, feeding etc. Your body and mind have been subjected to a great deal during the pregnancy and birthing. This can cause a great deal of stress for both parents, and the mother also has to deal with a new set of hormones and a rebalance of the other hormones. Reflexology can help restore balance and harmony and help with all physical and emotional issues for both mother and father. A session soon after the birth provides an opportunity to relate your experience and discuss feelings, giving you time for yourself when the focus on the new baby is elsewhere. New mothers can find that reflexology helps with breast feeding issues and recovery from the effects of an epidural. Sessions also provide the opportunity to show you and your partner how to work the baby's feet.

Reflexology can aid the following:

Is reflexology suitable for babies?

Yes, they have comparatively short sessions compared to adults, so a few movements will suffice for a baby and can be combined with rhymes to keep their attention. It's quite a nice thing to do if you have a hand free whilst feeding and it may calm down any gastric problems associated with feeding. Pressing on the solar plexus point is good for calming hiccups and gentle stroking all over the foot is always a good option for calming tears.

How about toddlers and children?

Between the age of two to five they might be quite difficult to keep in one place, so short and sweet is the key here. Although you might find that if one sibling has their feet done, you'll have the next sat beside them waiting for their turn! Reflexology can be done very informally, but you might find that the kids like the whole gathering of towels and blankets, and getting comfortable on a chair or foot stool before they begin.