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Dementia Care with Reflexology

Doing reflexology to a dementia patient

I have 7 years training and experience in doing reflexology on a lot of vulnerable adults and people with dementia. I find that regular reflexology helps support them and lessens the isolation they often feel and experience. Some people with dementia are often older and can find it difficult relating to others.

This is why regular visits are important. Firstly, because older people really appreciate and respond to a regular continuum. They like habitual patterns and really appreciate it when they are kept. They really appreciate similar fragrances, bright colours and interesting things to look at and engage with. And secondly, due to their isolation they rarely are touched. They may be washed, changed and maybe even fed, however, not always will they be touched, soothed and be able to relate in engaging conversation at that time.

We all know how important it is to be touched or cuddled. If we've not had a cuddle or our hand held for some time, when it happens we feel brilliant, don't we? There are several studies that show that withdrawing similar affection on babies, they can suffer emotionally, mentally, intellectually and it's even detrimental to their physical health.

Older people are no different. This is why when I do reflexology on vulnerable adults and people with dementia, I wear a bright pink tunic, I wear a nice fragrance, I speak gently and kindly with them, we exchange stories and life experiences and they experience deep relaxation through hand or foot reflexology.

I often find that after reflexology they experience a greater sense of happiness, they feel more relaxed, calmer and brighter. Nurses and carers have commented that after a reflexology session the person is calmer, settled, happier, more easily changed and toileted if needed. Their families have come up to me and said that their relative is unrecognisable in the way they are interacting with me as they are smiling, waving and sometimes speaking (in more advanced dementia cases) while their relative rarely or ever behaves like that with the family. I'm all for creating a sense of well-being for them. Through my training and experience I understand them and their needs and endeavour to serve them to the best of my ability to give them a better quality of life.

Are you affected by Dementia?

Do you or a loved one suffers from dementia? Get in touch with Donna in Edinburgh today and get ready to experience too a feeling of deep relaxation, calm and happiness. Meanwhile, you may find beneficial to read some Success Stories with Dementia patients.