Have you often wondered what reflexology is all about?
Fancy giving it a try?

Red Healing Reflexology can offer you a relaxing foot and hand experience right here in Edinburgh.

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Based in Edinburgh

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Mobile Reflexology and Reiki in and around Edinburgh

Feeling stressed? Could do with a bit of "me" time? Fancy a treat in your own home in Edinburgh and surrounding areas?

Try a Reflexology and Reiki Healing.

Red Healing Reflexology can offer you an affordable Mobile Reflexology and Reiki service at home.

Why choose Mobile Reflexology and Reiki?

Mobile Reflexology and Reiki can provide you with a relaxing environment to de-stress in your own home. No need to travel home after.

Many clients who enjoy the benefits of a treatment in their own home can verify that the sensation of well-being and relaxation created by the treatment is not lost by the inconvenience of travelling elsewhere.

Why choose Red Healing Reflexology?

Have you often wondered what reflexology is all about? Fancy giving it a try? Red Healing Reflexology can offer you a relaxing hand, foot and body experience.

Reflexology with its gentle, non-invasive yet precise techniques, is a medical massage. By alternating pressure on certain reflex points and meridians of the hands or feet, Red Healing Reflexology can soothe chronic and acute aches and pains away.

Reiki gently channels energy into the main chakras to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being. It can be very relaxing. Reiki can also be done on the feet. So frequently clients benefit from both Reiki and Reflexology energies during a reflexology session. However, if Reiki is desired, a full Reiki treatment is recommended.

Red Healing Reflexology with its various techniques specialises in acute and chronic physical or emotional issues such as:

Emotional Issues Stress Headaches/Migraines Anxiety Insomnia Fatigue Digestive issues Oedema Diverticulitis IBS Back ache Sciatica Pregnancy Fertility

as well as many others. Reflexology is a great way to relieve morning sickness and other effects pregnancy can have.

If you're concerned about something and wonder if reflexology can help, call Donna at Red Healing Reflexology.

In the testimonials section you can read some life changing experiences from people who have benefited from Red Healing Reflexology who explain how Reflexology helped them with their problems.

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If you are looking for something to help you relax, try Reflexology and Reiki.

Red Healing Reflexology is based in Edinburgh and can travel to your home and in the surrounding areas. Call us today and see what we can offer.